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Diabetes is on the Rise.

Date: December 3, 2012

Diabetes is on the Rise

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association more than 9  million Canadians are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.  An estimated 285 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes with a further 7 million developing the disease each year.  This number is expected to hit 438 million by the 2030.

Health investigators using data from a “Diabetes in Youth Study” determined that the number of young people with diabetes is likely to rise dramatically during the next 40 years.

Diabetes is a contributing factor in the deaths of approximately 41,500 Canadians each year. Canadian adults with diabetes are twice as likely to die prematurely, compared to people without diabetes. Life expectancy for people with type 1 diabetes may be shortened by as much as 15 years while life expectancy for people with type 2 diabetes may be shortened by 5 to 10 years. The financial burden of diabetes and its complications are enormous.

One of the most serious complications in the feet is diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN).  People with diabetes can develop nerve damage in the feet and lower legs. This can lead to symptoms of numbness, loss of feeling, pain, tingling, hypersensitivity and cramping.  Loss of sensation in the feet can eventually lead to more serious complications of ulcerations, and amputations.  About 60 to 70% of people with diabetes will develop some form of DPN.

Recognizing Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Early using “NC-Stat-DPN Check”


The traditional approach to assessing DPN is basically the clinical examination (ie:  monofilament, vibration and temperature testing) which is important but does not have high accuracy and only detects DPN at a very late stage.  The nerves are almost completely deteriorated at that point. The Barrie Foot Clinic now offers a new in office test to detect signs of neuropathy at an early stage, even in the absence of symptoms. It is a cost effective, objective and accurate test for DPN.  The NC-Stat DPN Check measures the sural nerve conduction velocity and amplitude which is the standard biomarker for clinical diabetic neuropathy. For more information, please visit the following website:

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