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Back to School Shoe Shopping Tips

Back to School Shoe Shopping Tips

Date: September 7, 2011




A new school year is beginning; your children are eagerly seeking out a wide array of school supplies and stylish new fashions for the upcoming school year.   One of the important items on this list is a new pair of shoes.

Here are some tips from the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine to make sure your children are in the right footwear for the school year. 

 1.  Check out the shoe itself.

Toebox – Check flexibility.  It shouldn’t be too stiff or bend too much in the toe box area.  Should bend with child’s toes.

Middle – The middle of the shoe should be rigid.  Should never twist.

 Heel – Should be a stiff heel. Press on both sides of the heel counter. It shouldn’t collapse.

2.  Always have your child's feet measured every time you purchase new shoes, as children's feet change sizes rapidly.

3.  Don't buy shoes that need a "break in" period. Good shoes should feel comfortable right away.

 4.  For athletic activities, choose a shoe that is designed for the sport your child will be playing.

 5.  Never hand down footwear.  Just because a shoe fits one child comfortably does not mean it will fit the other the same way.  Also                     sharing shoes can spread fungi like athlete’s foot or nail fungus.

 6.  Be aware that children might not complain about their foot discomfort. Proper foot care is important to the overall health of                              children. Go to your chiropodist or podiatrist at the first sign of foot problems.


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